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About Us

About Us
The story of BindBind started in October 2014, when 2 friends discussed in a bar. As history reminds most of the greatest thoughts have come over a drink and one such spark struck, as what evolved into an ecommerce company later. The vision is to create a platform for bringing native and/or special products to every Indian's doorstep. After interacting with few visionary people who shared the same passion, with their helping hands we are carving out this space. The common man is being deprived of his beloved native produces/products and this is the problem we wished to address. Now the company boasts of delivering more than 100 native special products from India predominantly from south. The company visions to host a platform for the products from the entire gamut of Indian towns/villages/cities in the near future.
The more ethnic you get ..the more universal you become!!!

Bind a native producer to a migrant consumer with a strong bond

TEAM : No IIT/IIM/MIT graduates; Engineering graduates from ordinary institutions but with extraordinary passion to excel and contribute to the nation and its citizens.